This important message for Global Civil Society Community Main-qimg-7e1621946cd9e0f0e0418230474daa3f

This important message for Global Civil Society Community Main-qimg-38cdf18473939312cb5795fc5cd58179

This important message for Global Civil Society Community Main-qimg-c2bf708db0aea98b7b8a43942e27d2cd-lq

This important message for Global Civil Society Community

This important message for Global Civil Society Community Main-qimg-0c7682c6fe23614ac4266f538399b90b

This is important information from me, and specifically my writing and this direction. I aim as a guide for the global civil society at the end endtimes in this era's.

I think you all start to have to think about what you most need to survive yourself “in this year and beyond, at the end times on this era’s “. I have thought that I spend too much of my life with routine material and social activities both in real life and on social media, and discussing and commenting on things that actually will continue to revolve around the liner, be it news or information. Especially dealing with regional political issues and political policies that are clearly wrong, and operate in a broken system. So what else do we need to comment on. What we should do is carry out rebelnation, and revolution, restore government systems in all countries to re-apply God’s Laws properly. And that’s our only way to save us from the wrath of God, to the dissidents who lead our country, which they arrogantly reject and disobey God’s teachings, laws and regulations. We already know the truth enough that there is a global conspiracy that is clearly visible in both our eyes. That the Globalists, mobilized technocrates, billionaires, and Cabals (Jewish elites), as well as agents of their institutions, such as the World Bank,The Fed, BIS, UN, IMF, WEF and other,Arsitocrate Dinasty families (nazi fushion jews) likes Soros,rockefeller, bilderberg , rothschild.
and organizations to manipulate, control and enslave all of us,the civil society Global. (likes Nughty Technocrate, Mafia entertaint,media,pharmacy, Internet & digital,all industry,Illuminaty,Satanic Temple,Club Rotary, Vatican,Freemansory, Illuminaty,Levitan & luciferiant).

And all the rulers of Tirannny, and their supporting parties, and the elites in the parliament as well as FBI, CIA, NSA and all media and medical industries (with ctrl full by Big Pharma), all have been controlled by them, and many scientists and politicians, public figures and businessmen,Law enforcement officers, academics and experts, and security forces. have been trapped Or have become their puppets and mediators. Including puppet government in your country!!!
they agenda likes Black Flags at middle east to created conflict,to make betwen arab nation doing fight each other. They spread slander with up issue bioweapon in iraq , to murder saddam hussein & do invasion in iraq, to take oil & gold miner there, and make puppet goverment there & build US and European Union military bases and aircraft there. & they creates isis too & fund him & put in criminal, & pay killer on they movement. they manipulation tragedy 11-12 WTC & murder JFK, and they funds zionist israel to make teror, and for help them to make alliance with U.S & NATO to catch mountain Golan,path OIL & Gold Miner at Syrian from alliance Russia,China,iran & rezim bassar al assad, create agenda plandemic (bio weapon, the first target make teror with they mouthpieces Media with all they control, & hope t depopulation agenda can realized) & and create Riot propaganda to fired Trump from President chairs. & doing manipulatin election voting, for make biden wins President electoral. they open bussiness toxic vaccine. agenda LGBT propaganda & promotion too, for succesedd depopulation agenda.Climate Changed agenda & issue Propaganda, Now They agenda its decentralized to 1 monetery digital money (no use anymore paper money & banknotes, but with crypto.. now likes bitcoin,ethereum,xrp,dogcoin,metaverse,NFT,opensea wit real its traps agenda by Globalist with they agent technocrate to stolent people asset & money, they make fake graph shares market with can they setting to make people will lost they all materials/asset investment), anda applicated sytem biometric, which both that for stolen data privacy & asset from people with slave by they evil ctrl system. & visa & passport, produk, and market shopping all they drive by manipulation & ctrl by they news & watch Media & they evils illusion trap system. next they agenda its "great Reset" and they was instruct by they agent at..UN & WEF. to make Global economic be more collapse, and all chaos will happen in everywhere. and more damge with stock food & goodess, with rare in all market. & oil & gas price be more expensive 4x.

the probelm same too its from the National Places,
Thousands of times I have said that the secular system (man-made system) be it democratic, socialist, liberal, capitalist, moderate, communist, fascist, presidential, republican and nationalist. All of that is part of their design to keep you away from God’s system of rules, teachings and Laws.

the puppet governments in every country who are afraid of their power being overthrown by civil society in the world. (As a result of them, these dictatorial rulers have become puppets of globalist agents, along with other oligarchs, business tycoons & mafias, and also their subordinates. Together they commit corruption, collusion and nepotism, with their greed, they commit tyranny and tyranny in every country, by being totalitarian & cruel in all their policies, as well as depriving the people of money, rights and welfare. Then the puppet governments, together with globalist agents, were instructed by their rulers & their dreamers, namely the globalists and cabals (the Jewish elite). its technocratic agents & CEOs who can be bribed from big media companies and well-known social media companies such as Facebook Inc, which also oversees the WhatsApp and Instagram applications, as well as Google with their browser, their Playstore Android app and their YouTube social media. & amazon also did not lose, and finally twitter, their technorate agents have led and controlled the company's leadership use and want to create a ministry of truth there (as Novelist Orwell feared in his work), in order to silence and suspend tens of thousands, accounts of journalists, activists, social activists, influencers, big figures as well as religious leaders and leaders. , who try to call for freedom, rights, justice & truth, to global civil society. to dare to gather a revolutionary movement against resistance & declaration of war against tyranny & slavery of Globalists, along with thwarting all of their The new world order agenda and destroying their satanic beast system, down to the roots... until their influence and power disappear, this is what really matters. feared by the Globalists, the Cabal / Jewish elite, and their agents, including the puppet governments in all countries. because it means that only their power & ignorance system will grow, destroy, and disappear. also a country with a nation states system in the style of this globalist initiative, all these countries will no longer be called nations, replaced with Gods land/ BALDATUN THAYYIBATUN WA RABBUN GHAFUR (Arabic language). where the world community will later return, and believe more in God's laws & commands and apply a pure government system that comes from God which is called "Khilafah Islamiyah".

And the roots of this beast satanic system, which they integrate and control in each country, are rooted in the great satanic system (mind system) of these Globalists, who instructs these Globalists, and as the brain designer, is none other than the Evil/lucifer. Which mobilizes his subordinates, namely the satanic leaders to teach these Globalists how to manipulate evil through the system. In order to enslave, and mislead people, until finally they are sacrificed in the conspiracy of devils and devils and infidel and unjust rulers. So that they all become victims and followers of the devil who will inhabit hell, as a result of them committing sins, crimes, and corruption, and selling their faith for money, wealth, power, position. Until they are completely lost.
So the only way is, with us together (the Global civil society) to destroy the whole secular system in your country, and overthrow the rulers, and the puppet goverment in your country. including their party, and their agents in parliament . Also the technocrats and businessmen as well as the Jewish elites behind them, who also fund & realize their evil agenda.

It is clear that there will be insurgency movements everywhere, especially after the global economy collapse. The new world community will realize that all this time, they have been tricked and tricked and manipulated by the Globalists, through their bankers’ agents, the world bank, and stupidly, the leaders of the countries in your country are willing to sign an interest-bearing loan agreement, to They. Whose interest is multiplied every year. This system is a tool for the prosperity of capitalism, and causes other countries to experience economic decline and further, so that they experience serious economic problems, which are critical and affect social and national stability. Until the country experienced inflation, until chaos broke out everywhere and the crime rate and poverty then rose sharply. Then there are wars, conflicts, deaths from malnutrition and disease outbreaks, and economic mobility finally stops and many deaths occur. We are at the peak of that statistic, where the Globalists have inflated their dollar system. Whereas all this time we have been deceived and lied to by them, in fact, they are every minute copying/printing dollar banknotes and no longer adhering to the laws and regulations that they made before. They do a lot of copying and money laundering. The value of the money they spend is no longer proportional to the amount of gold and silver they keep in their worldbank safe bunker. Nor is the amount they hold in the countries where their physical assets are held. The amount is also small, not comparable to the paper money in circulation!!! This means that so far we only use money that no longer has intrinsic and fiscal value. This money has no physical form anymore. This. Only blank paper that is duplicated for cult as if the paper has value. You all have been tricked by their system. !!!! Then I say.. burn all your money.!!! Because this transaction tool is already illegal and there are many crimes in it.

So that’s what I say to you, that from now on you can’t depend on or be enslaved by the magic of paper money (their monetary game of Antichrist / Dajjal). Otherwise you will be enslaved in misguidance and evil by them. You will become two persons, that is, those who are blinded by greed to sell their faith, or you will become the milk animals of those who experience torment and suffering where you are forced to work hard every day to fulfill their coffers of money and pleasure. And you lose your time to fill spiritual needs, ties of love with family and carry out humanitarian and divine missions. Because every day you are taught to chase their money system games. Until your time is wasted and drained, until your psychological and health side is disturbed.

It’s time now for you to switch to living like al Ghuroba/survivalists in this end of time, according to what God wants you to do, to undergo a big test in this end of time, besides calamity and disaster, there is also a big test, namely… is to undermine the influence and power of God’s dissidents In this case, these disbelievers and oppressors go through their agendas and systems. We must be brave to face them.
And you have to live like a survivalist from now on. Collect gold and silver pieces or jewelry if you are currently financially sufficient. Don’t get the gold from the bank, what else with the logo of their mining company. It will be useful when you carry out transactions when the great reset and global chaos occurs due to the global economic collapse.

And please help our brothers and sisters who are suffering from hunger and hardship according to your ability.
And for the poor. You can start living in remote villages or at the foot of mountains far away in settlements, you can start farming, raising livestock, gardening, and practicing your hunting skills. As well as your skills in carpentry and all wild survival abilities. And make sure the place you live in has a supply of clean water, plant seeds and sufficient food for the next 5 years.

Right now all I do is observe the global situation, both through news and social media. After I thought about it, I had a plan to migrate to an area far away from the nuclear zone, and safe from a cataclysm. And has a good climate, unspoiled, and remote, also there are still many biomes that can support life, and lucky if there is also a secret bunker. But right now, I’m more busy with my time to worship and start paying in installments to read the important books that I collect, and I hope you guys are like that too. From now on you have to learn the skills of reading & understanding quickly a reading book, with any method to understand knowledge quickly. or read the essence of reading that is important only. And I keep nearly 10,000 important books, digitally. There are religious books, various knowledge and technology, social culture and history, basic skills and skills, skills to increase self-potential, as well as healing motivation, regarding end-time science and survivalist books, including how to live and survive in nature. And all that I can read offline, with a notebook. Who uses a charger battery using solar panel energy, wind, rotor, electricity, accu and water.

And I want the best for all of you, and for me.. whoever is a believer who they obey and follow God’s teachings and laws with full confidence and try to enforce them as well as possible. They are brothers to me. While those who prefer to compromise with the Ruler system (man-made system) which is deliberately designed to keep people from running the system according to the rule of law and God’s instructions. They are to me another group and misguided followers who are followers of unbelievers and tyrants who they have followed Satan and become slaves of the devil/lucifer and his lusts. And they will be a group of followers of the Antichrist / Dajjal. With the Globalists and their puppet government.

Oh yaa..I forgot to tell you who I am, my name is Al- Ardhi (the king Khalifah/caliph) my kuniyah name is naimurun shahroon.
May Allah ta’ala / God almighty bring us together later in the struggle to uphold the Law God / Allah at the End of time.

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